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Panotour - FAQ - Livepano

Où puis-je trouver le lien de téléchargement ?

Livepano est directement intégré dans Panotour Pro, alors il n'y a rien de plus à télécharger. Pour le lancer, faites CtrL + L ou allez dans Fichier > Import > Livepano. Voir cette page pour l'enregistrer.

J'utilise un autre logiciel d'assemblage. Si je veux utiliser Livepano, autre que les licences Panotour Pro 2 et Livepano, dois-je obligatoirement utiliser les logiciels d'assemblage Autopano en complément ?

Oui. Livepano utiliser les fichiers projet (.pano) d'Autopano Pro ou Giga pour savoir où et comment placer la vidéo dans le panorama, et comment la vidéo sera intégrée.

Comment intégrer plusiers Livepanos dans le même panorama ?

Il faut importer une par une chaque Livepano. Les Livepanos ne peuvent pas êre plus grands qu'une fface de cube, et ne doivent pas se superposer.

Mon Livepano ne fonctionne pas correctement

LivePano technology is supported by most of computers but if troubles during playing appear, the following lines explain some problems issues:

  • Windows Decoding: LivePano can decode .mp4 videos encoded in H.264 (video flow) and AAC (audio flow). For all other formats, this software relies on system ability. In theory, if a video is playable with Windows Media Player, LivePano should also be able to play it. Components capable of playing videos are often numerous and some may perform better than others. These components are part of DirectShow filters. Here is a list of tools that will identify and modify components used by default:
  • Windows 7 Example: For example, with Windows 7, the default H.264 decoder is from Microsoft. It won’t decode videos with resolution higher than HD. GoPro cameras let you go beyond this resolution. You’ll need to use the Tweaker Filter to tell the system not to use Microsoft decoders by default.
  • Mac Decoding: LivePano can decode .mp4 videos encoded in H.264 (video flow) and AAC (audio flow). The 32-bit version is theoretically able to decode all videos that QuickTime can play. If the video preview doesn't display in LivePano, it is necessary to check if the video plays via Quicktime. If the playing works, it is necessary to switch LivePano in 32-bit mode, otherwise, it requires to check the system to let it play the video. For now, the 64-bit version only supports H.264 format.
  • Concatenate video files without re-encoding: Certain cameras (like GoPros) create several files for the same shot sequence depending on the recording time. In order to manage the entire sequence in LivePano, you’ll need to have previously concatenated files end-to-end. One possibility is to use ffmpeg software. It will let you stitch videos together without having to recompress them: ffmpeg
  • Viewing LivePano on iPhone: On iPhones only, LivePano will be displayed in fullscreen mode and not seamlessly integrated into the sphere.