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Software Asset Management (SAM)


External asset management allows to manage, plan, update and modify Kolor software data such as icons, models, styles...etc. The goals of this management are as follow :

  • User should be able to easily integrate his data to the software.
  • When a new version of the software comes out, the user should not lost his own data
  • Some user data exists only for the user for instance Autopano Giga stitching templates or Panotour HTML templates

Each asset that is modifiable is stored in a folder and is writable by the user.



  • windows XP : %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Kolor\SOFTWARENAME\

  • Vista / Win 7 : %LOCALAPPDATA%\Kolor\SOFTWARENAME\

  • Mac : $HOME/Library/Application Support/Kolor/SOFTWARENAME/

  • Linux : $USER/.local/share/data/Kolor/SOFTWARENAME/

The field SOFTWARENAME corresponds to the name and version of the software, here is an example of what can be found in the Kolor folder :

App support kolor softs.jpg


In this folder you will find two folders that hold an identical hierarchy (or almost identical, it depends on the software version):

Autopano Giga Hierarchy Panotour Pro Hierarch
App support autopano hierarchie.jpg App support panotourpro hierarchie.jpg
> Data : database cameras.txt and lensid.txt
> Sound : End of execution sound
> Translation : translation of the software
> UI : styles of the software (icons, QSS)
> Templates : templates used (html, menu)
> Translation : translation of the software
> UI : styles of the software (icons, QSS)

Icon attention.png

All files of the Kolor folder are made and provided by Kolor only. The files will be overwritten with every new version.
Files of thé User fonder are used to save the user's resources. Those will be never removed by any new version.

Data Terms of use

  • If the software needs a file, the first to be used will be from the user folder.
  • If this file does not exits in the user folder, the software will try to load the file from the Kolor folder.
  • If this file does not exits in the Kolor folder, the software will create it.

Thus you can modify the software with your own data without risking to loose it every time you install a new version.

In practice

Example with Autopano Giga

You need to add the support of a new camera :

  • Copy camera.txt file from Kolor/Data folder to User/Data folder.
  • Modify it.
  • Launch Autopano, then it will use the file from the User folder.

If you install a new version of the software, the file (cameras.txt) will not be lost.
We update our Database (cameras.txt, lensid.txt, unscrambling of RAWs) with every new version, so that it could make your modifications obsolete.
Therefore this software is not magical, it will not be able to mix the files together.

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