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Panotour - Advanced - Creating text hotspots


This tutorial is intended for Panotour Pro users wishing to create text hotspots in Panotour's Spots Library, rather than the point spot ones offered by the software.
This tutorial will walk you through the steps of adding a new hotspot style to Panotour.

Requirements and notes

  • You need Panotour Pro to install and use customised content.

Create a text hotspot

  • Into the Spots Library, double-click on the Default Point Spot Style to create a new spot style.
  • The new style appears into the Point chapter of the Spots style list.
  • Select it and rename it.
  • Uncheck the Use icon from library to remove the default point spot icon.
  • Once done, into the Common spot features area, set the tooltip as Permanent for desktop, for tablet/mobile devices and for VR mode.
  • Now your new hotspot is able to receive a Tooltip text or a placeholder as %p for the targeted scene or %d for the description of the targeted scene for instance.
  • Some actions can be assigned to the text spot.
  • You can save your new spot style into your Panotour Pro spots user directory to use it into others projects with the Save in library button.

Important: the tooltip uses the project Tooltip Style defined into the project Display properties.

Once you've done these edits, you will be able to use your new text spots in your virtual tours!

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