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Kolor Eyes Android - User Manual


Kolor Eyes is a free 360 video player app rendering spherical videos with pixel accurate projection algorithms. The user can choose different camera viewpoints anytime through touch gestures or device motion controls.
This documentation concerns Kolor Eyes Android from version 2.0.7


To install the app, launch Play Store, then search for "Kolor Eyes" or browse to Kolor Eyes Play Store page. Once on the app page, click on the install button.


Any Android device running Android 4.x and later.

Media compatibility

Kolor Eyes is able to play any video that your device natively supports. Video format, resolution and bit rate depends on device model. Safe choice is h.264 encoded 1280x720 at 30 FPS (level 3.1). Most modern high-end devices play h.264 encoded 1920x1080 30 FPS video (level 4.1). Latest high-end models reach 4k resolution 3840x2160 at 30 FPS (level 5.1).
A quick test to determine if a video is playable in Kolor Eyes is to try to play it with the native Videos app.


Icon attention.png Your are now able to play your 360° video using a web browser (WebGL compatible like Chrome) or Kolor Eyes player. Just click the URL and you will be asked to play it using the browser or the player.

Video Gallery

Once installed, Kolor Eyes app is delivered with sample videos to demonstrate Kolor Eyes capabilities and enjoy your first immersive experience, but you can also use it to play your own 360 videos (Local videos menu). To do this, connect your device to your computer, then just upload your movies to the folder \Movies\KolorEyes\.
If KolorEyes folder is not present, create it from your usual file browser under Windows and Linux, with Android File Transfert under OSX. Then, drag and drop your video files to that folder.
You can also create it from your device using a file browser (ie. ES File Explorer File Mgr).


Once the application is launched, click on the icon (top left of the screen) to open the menu or slide your finger from left to right.


Display splash screen with informational content and links on Kolor website

Log in

It allows the connection to the Kolor Eyes Hosting server (eyes.kolor.com - Service no longer available). If you are not registered yet, click on ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT menu.


Local videos

This screen exposes user movies downloaded using a URL (DOWNLOAD FILE menu. Downloading a file creates KolorEyes folder) or uploaded to the device directly.
To upload a video locally, connect your device to your computer, then just upload your movies to the folder \Movies\KolorEyes\.

Sample video to download: http://kolor.com/360-videos/kolor-fighter-aircraft-full-hd.mp4.
If a video is greyed, Kolor Eyes is not able to play it. Report to Troubleshooting section of the documentation for more information.


Public videos

This screen exposes factory movies as detailed previously. Pick a video in the list to play it in Kolor Eyes. 
If a video is greyed, Kolor Eyes is not able to play it. Report to Troubleshooting section of the documentation for more information.


Interface while a movie is playing


Kolor Eyes has a simple and intuitive interface with common video player controls.

At the top of the screen, from left to right:


1. Back to main menu
2. Information about the current movie
3. Activation button (turn on/off gyroscope)
4. Activation button (turn on/off VR glasses)
5. View projection (change view projection to):

- Source: spherical video is played without any projection
- Planar (Rectilinear): realistic immersive experience
- Little planet: stereographic projection wrapping around a little planet
- Mirror ball: spherical video is wrapped around a mirror ball

At the bottom of the screen, from left to right:


1. Play/pause button
2. Media timeline (drag/drop slider thumb to change playing time)
3. Play sound or mute

Examples of the 4 projections available:


Camera control

During video playback, the user is the director of its own experience. He can choose what he wants to see in the whole scene with some gestures on the screen or by moving the device if device motion control is enabled.

Move camera
Drag the screen to move camera orientation in any direction

Pinch the screen with two fingers to change camera zoom level

Additional gestures
- Tap the screen once to show or hide the bars
- Tap the screen twice to toggle play/pause state

Technical Support / Kolor Eyes Documentation