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GoPro VR Player - Playlist

Quick playlist

You simply just have to drag and drop multiple files in GoPro VR Player to build a playlist.

You can mix video and image files.

File playlist .kepl

You can configure the content of a playlist in a configuration file. This file is a simple text file, file name has to be suffixed by ".kepl" in order to be recognized by GoPro VR Player.

The syntax is based on JSON format ( http://json.org/). Once you have finish to write your configuration file, ensure it is a valid JSON. You can use online parsers to do this : http://json.parser.online.fr/ .

Example of file .kepl :

// example of json file
        "media": "4K/Drone_UHD.mp4",
        "thumb": "4K/thumb/Drone_UHD.png"
        "media": "4K/New_York_UHD.mp4",
        "thumb": "4K/thumb/New_York_UHD.png",
        "stereo": "SideBySide"
        "media": "4K/xRez_Burney_4k_96kbps.mov"
        "media": "../Pictures/pano360/Salon.jpg"
        "media": "../Pictures/pano360/Boutique.jpg",
        "stereo": "OverUnder"

  • 'media' field specifies the path to the media. It can be an absolute path or a relative path to the .kepl file path.
  • 'thumb' field allows to specify a thumb file to display in Oculus playlist. If no thumb is specified, GoPro VR Player will try to load automatically thumb png with the same file name as the media file.
  • 'stereo' field allows the following values:
    • "None" (default value if 'stereo' field is not set)
    • "OverUnder"
    • "SideBySide"
    • "OverUnder_I" (Over/Under inverted)
    • "SideBySide_I" (Side by side inverted)
  • 'projectionSource' field allows the following values (expl: "projectionSource": "Standard"):
    • "Standard"
    • "Equirectangular"
    • "Cubemap"

See here for more details.


When GoPro VR Player plays a playlist, arrows appear in the bottom bar. Use it to go to next/previous media.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts Alt+right/Alt+left.

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