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GoPro VR Player - Keyboard shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts available when using GoPro VR Player.

Shortcut Description
Cmd or Ctrl + O Open Media File or Stream
Cmd or Ctrl + , Open Preferences
Cmd or Ctrl + Q Quit
Space Play/pause
Cmd or Ctrl + W Stop
Alt + Left Previous media (only for playlist usage)
Alt + Right Next media (only for playlist usage)
Cmd or Ctrl + Left Slow seek rewind
Cmd or Ctrl + Right Slow seek forward
Cmd or Ctrl + Alt + Left Fast seek rewind
Cmd or Ctrl + Alt + Right Fast seek forward
Cmd or Ctrl + R Loop all files
Cmd or Ctrl + Alt + R Loop on current media
Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + R No loop
Cmd or Ctrl + Down Volume Down
Cmd or Ctrl + Up Volume Up
Cmd or Ctrl + Alt + Down Mute / Unmute
A Audio synchronization (only with VLC backend)
Alt + 1 (Win)
Ctrl + Alt + 1 (Mac)
Automatic detection of input projection
Alt + 2 (Win)
Ctrl + Alt + 2 (Mac)
Equirectangular input projection
Alt + 3 (Win)
Ctrl + Alt + 3 (Mac)
Cubemap input projection
Alt + 4 (Win)
Ctrl + Alt + 4 (Mac)
Standard input projection
S Open Stereoscopy menu
P Change output projection
Ctrl + 1 (Win & Mac) GoPro VR output projection
Ctrl + 2 (Win & Mac) Rectilinear output projection
Ctrl + 3 (Win & Mac) Littleplanet output projection
Ctrl + 4 (Win & Mac) Fisheye output projection
Z Reset camera orientation to zero
Left Move camera horizontally on left
Right Move camera horizontally on right
Down Move camera vertically on bottom
Up Move camera vertically on top
- Zoom out
+ Zoom in
E Switch between left and right eye (only with stereoscopic media)
O Activate/deactivate HMD controller
M Activate/deactivate Leap motion controller
G Activate/deactivate Gyroscope controller
R Activate/deactivate Real sense controller
F Enter/exit fullscreen
Esc Exit fullscreen
Cmd or Ctrl + P Print the rendered part (default save location can be modified in '''Preferences > General settings''')
Cmd or Ctrl + Alt + P Print screen high quality (default save location can be modified in '''Preferences > General settings''')
H Set yaw, pitch, roll and fov values
L Software, hardware and media informations
Mouse Click & Drag or Touch and Drag gesture Move camera
Mouse wheel or scroll gesture Change zoom factor


  • all shortcuts using Cmd are for Mac and Ctrl for Windows
  • Alt is also known as Option on Mac

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