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GoPro VR Player - Intel RealSense


RealSense is the new generation of 3D camera that will soon be included in some Windows notebooks.
Three little cameras enable the device to “see” depth like human eyes.

As RealSense is still in development we will add new features depending with the project's advancement. We are also working to mix Oculus and RealSense technologies.

Getting Started

Hardware requirements

  • 4th generation Intel® CoreTM processors based on the Intel microarchitecture code name Haswell
  • 8GB free hard disk space
  • Intel® RealSenseTM 3D camera (required to connect to a USB* 3 port)

Software requirements

Feedback Screen

The feedback screen groups the camera preview and the gestures bar.

The feedback screen appears only when a hand is detected.

Feedback Screen


The camera preview shows the depth image stream captured by the camera.

After the calibration step, you will see your hand joints detected.


On the right side of the feedback screen there are icons corresponding to available gestures.

When a gesture is triggered you will see the corresponding icon lights up.

Hide and Show

You can hide the camera preview by pressing the keyboard shortcut “R”.

Use the same shortcut to show again the camera preview.

Gestures bar cannot be hidden. 

Hand Calibration

Each time the camera detects a hand, a quick calibration is required. Calibration allows a more accurate hand tracking.

Position your hand in the center of the camera preview. A blinking image of an orange hand will help you to position correctly your hand. Calibration will be easier if you keep your hand opened and without moving.

Wait a few seconds to calibrate.

Once it is done, you will see your hand joints and the gestures bar will appear on the right side. 

Doc realsense calibration1.pngArrow.pngDoc realsense calibration2.pngArrow.pngDoc realsense calibration3.png


Move Camera

Move camera horizontally : move hand to the left or right

Move camera horizontally

Move camera vertically : move hand up or down

Move camera vertically

Zoom in/out : move your second hand forwards or backwards 



Spread the index and the middle to form a V in front of the camera



Pinch and wait one second to activate seek mode, move your hand horizontally to seek in video. Stop pinching to leave seek mode.

Note : the gesture pinch is triggered when index and thumb touch each other. 



Close your fist with thumb up

Volume Up


Close your fist with thumb down

Volume Down

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