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Autopano Video - Stabilization

A new algorithm make the calculation of the stabilization faster than ever before.

Settings stab@2x.png Stabilization

Stab menu

Compensation level

The Compensation level slider sets the value of the motion compensation from 0% to 100%.

  • Shaking only (low values - 0-33%) mean that your are going to compensate low frequency moves (walking moves for example)

  • Fast motions only (33 to 65%) mean that you are going to compensate both high frequencies (vibrations for example)

  • All but long-term motions (66 to 99%) mean that you are going to compensate high and low frequencies but long-term motions.

  • Full (100%) mean that you are going to compensate all frequencies

Keep in mind that over using the stabilization tool may reduce the sensation of a full immersion!

Rolling Shutter

The Rolling Shutter tool is an algorithm which is able to reduce rolling shutter issues (in some cases) if you own a OMNI RIG only.

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