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Autopano Video - Preferences – Edition

Edition window - overview

VLC player

  • Disable audio: unticked this option if you experience problems

Edit button behaviour

  • Auto-cut transitions before editing:

Data location

  • Let's view the folder where the presets are located

Preview cache

  • Enable: lets you modify the values
    • Buffer size: it represents the memory used for storing rendered pictures and being able to replay them in real time. When this memory is full, last computed frame will replace the older one.
    • JPEG quality: pictures stored in cache are compressed to increase the number of pictures which can be kept in memory.

For example, if the preview size is set at 1024 pixels, each pictures will have a size of about 200 Kb with the compression level sets to 11. So with 1000 Mb of cache, we can keep about 5000 pictures. So we can replay almost 2 minutes without recomputing the stitch.

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