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Autopano Video - Preferences – Blend

Blend window - overview

Blending presets

  • Smooth (Diamond): This is fast but it is possible that some defects are visible where areas overlap.
  • Sharp: Keeps the image's strong characteristics (stops, lines, curves).
  • Custom: This is enabled when you manually change the parameters and they no longer correspond to a preset.

Advanced settings

  • Blending:
    • None: For each position, the algorithm uses the pixel with the greatest importance according to the required weight.
    • Linear: The rendered pixels are the result of a weighted average of input pixels.
    • Multiband: Lets you mix the average value (color trend) of the images while maintaining their details.
  • Weighting:
    • None:
    • Diamond: In some quite specific cases, a clear cutting of juxtaposed images may be visible. The use of Diamond weighting can improve the rendering (but gives much blurred texture).
    • Iso cutting:
    • Smart cutting:

Consult the following page Understanding and using the rendering engine for more information.

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