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Autopano Video - Import all GoPros

Direct camera connection is no longer supported since the firmware 2.x (GoPro HERO4) and firmware 3.x (GoPro HERO3). You may use memory card readers also to improve the download speed.

The GoPro import wizard allows to import GoPro videos in Autopano and to copy or move the videos into any folder.
The import wizard is located in File/Import all GoPros menu. When connecting a GoPro or a SD card (or several GoPros / SD cards, thanks to a USB HUB to a computer), the GoPro import wizard display them on the list.
The list is sorted in a specific hierarchy, allowing to quickly check the GoPro contents.
It allows to select the files to import, to define the folder's destination and to either copy GoPro contents from the GoPro to the computer.

GoPro import wizard

(Click to animate)

Organize by:

  • Cameras: Displays the cameras and related videos
  • Sequences: Displays the number of sequences

GoPro devices
Shows the GoPros / SD cards connected to the computer and their content.

  • Check video files to import them
  • Uncheck files not to import them
  • Or use the contextual menu (right click)


  • Destination folder: Let's define the folder where the video files will be.
    • Merge successive chapters: Concatenate video files that have been cut into 4GB files (i.e. Cam1_Part1 & 2 and Cam2_Part1 & 2)
    • Create camera-based subdirectories: This will create sub-directories named Cam1, Cam2, ... containing videos

  • Import: Launches the files transfer of the selection
  • Cancel: Cancels the transfer

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