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Autopano Giga - Preferences... - General

General tab

Temporary folders
Determines the folder in which Autopano saves the temporary files.
You can add as many temporary files as you want.

Memory used
The amount of RAM allocated will be partial for a 32-byte system or total for a 64-byte system (based on the amount of free RAM detected).
The slider lets you adjust the amount of RAM used (based on the amount allocated) so that the rendering calculations can be accelerated.
For more information about the Memory management, please check the following page: Memory management

Cache division: allows to change the cache size allocated to the differents Autopano's calculations.

  • The Auto mode allows a good compromise in most of the cases.
  • Increasing the cache size allows to increase the maximum output size, to increase the images quantity on one row of the panorama but it also reduces the maximum quantity of overlapping images.
  • Decreasing the cache size allows to increase the maximum quantity of overlapping images but reduces the maximum output size, to increase the images quantity on one row of the panorama.

The information fields let you know:

  • The maximum possible size (length) of images to render.
  • How many images on one line Autopano can assemble without using the memory disk. Beyond that, Autopano will have to use the memory disk and the calculations will be longer but it wouldn't be blocking.
  • The maximum quantity of overlapped images to let the anti-ghost work correctly.
  • The amount of RAM detected and the fee amount of RAM detected.

Lets you force another language into the software to replace the system’s language.

Number of CPU
Defines the computers used (default).
These parameters can be changed.

GPU processing
Lets you work in the panorama editor in real-time.


  • List: Lets modify the Autopano's interface aspect.
  • Use system file browser: (by default) allows to use the system file browser. Unchecking this option lets use a file browser specific to Autopano, but is subject to some limitations (for example it is not possible to see the network drives).

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