Kolor Eyes SDK

Turn your 360° video projects into stunning apps
Have you tried Kolor Eyes 360 video player free app? Discover now Kolor Eyes Software Development Kit and create your own apps featuring your 360-degree video content. Design your apps with Xcode tools and enable powerful 360 video playing features.
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Visual perfection

Video frames are rendered with groundbreaking patent-pending algorithms presenting pixel-perfect images, through various projections, from standard lens to little planet. Real-time image effects are also bundled in Kolor Eyes, enabling applications to create awesome visual ambiances.


Kolor Eyes is designed to perfectly fit the latest iOS devices graphical capabilities, but it will also run on older generations devices.

Multi-view support

Kolor Eyes can render a video in several display areas at the same time, without any performance loss! Developers can therefore expose video footage through different projections or effects, building stunning user experiences.

A camera control for each experience

Users can control the view direction either with touch actions or thanks to the gyroscope and accelerometer for a total immersion.


Delivered as an iOS framework, Kolor Eyes SDK has been thought out to be as straightforward as possible in the integration into your current projects. Just add framework to an Xcode project, and set UIView based interface components as rendering area.

Package content

Kolor Eyes framework into your own app. Simply run XCode and execute them either in the simulator or directly on your devices. It’s that easy.

VR headsets support

Create the ultimate immersive experience for your mobile phone users. Use factory presets to support industry leading devices or go beyond with the dedicated API to set devices optical parameters.

3D support

Side by side and Over under.

Android version

An Android version is available, request it via email.

Dedicated Support

We’re here to help you develop awesome 360° video apps. Kolor Eyes SDK comes with dedicated technical support by e-mail. Concentrate on your ideas, we’ll handle the technical part.

Technical specifications

Supported iOS version
Supported iOS devices
iPhone (4s+) et iPad (2+)
Binary compatibility
armv7 et arm64
Video compatibility
Depends on targetted devices. See Apple devices specs. Commonly: mp4, mov, m4v files with 1920x1080px @30fps (h264 main profile 4.1 / aac up to 160kbps @48kHz)

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