Using keepview tag and panos with different yaw angles  

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Using keepview tag and panos with different yaw angles

by solarisx » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:11 pm


I like to switch through the panos in a group and keep the last viewing direction. Therefore I use the 'Simple Thumbnails Bar', set to display the current group and the KEEPVIEW tag.

The problem:
Each pano in a group is taken from 'nearly' the same place and unfortunately with a different yaw (and pitch). If I corrected the yaw differences by varying the yaw in the default view, KEEPVIEW does not work. The view is missed by the yaw difference of previous and current pano.

Any change to implement something like this:
Code: Select all
pano_new.defalut_yaw - pano_old.default_yaw=default_yaw_diff
KEEPVIEW.yaw + default_yaw_diff=view.yaw

I think that would make KEEPVIEW insensitive to transitions.



My worst case is to allign each pano of a group graphically.

Any help is welcome!

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