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Little planet opening question  [SOLVED]

by 360panosi » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:24 pm

Hi everybody,

How can we add this type of rotation to start Little planet like this one: ... /tour.html

but this one is created with krpano.

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Re: Little planet opening question

by bdd » Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:37 pm

You cannot do it directly from Panotour Pro .

But once the tour is generated, open the xxx_core.xml file .

Find the action "setlittleplanet" :

Code: Select all
  <action name="setlittleplanet">
    set(view.architectural, 0.0);
    set(view.hlookat, get(panoview.h));
    set(view.vlookat, 90);
    set(view.pannini, 0.0);
    if(panoview.fovmax LE 150,
      set(view.fovmax, 150);
      set(view.fovmax, get(panoview.fovmax));
    set(view.stereographic, true);
    set(view.fisheyefovlink, 1.5);
    set(view.fisheye, 1.0);
    set(view.fov, 150);

Change the line :
Code: Select all
    set(view.hlookat, get(panoview.h));

by :
Code: Select all
    set(view.hlookat, 180);

Reload your tour in your browser.
You can then tune the value "180" to find the angle that fit your needs


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