Problem with embedded my tour on facebook page using IFRAM   [SOLVED] - View the solution

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Problem with embedded my tour on facebook page using IFRAM

by rsanaei » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:59 pm


I do read the forums about how to embedded my tour on my facebook page using IFRAM or other method but unfortunetly the posts was old like 2013 :(

I actually buy SSL and dedicate IP address for my website also i try many time to locate my tour in my Facebook page using IFRAM but after i set the URL and save. the only thing was white page !!!

Finally is use some code from and i see my tour in my Facebook page using HTML.

the following code is what i used :
<object> <embed src="" width="800" height="600" allowFullScreen="true"> </embed> </object>

BUT full screen function, web video box, website box and text zone (description) are not working at all.

If anybody know how to resolve this problem, Please let me know ASAP.
I appropriate your help in advance.

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Re: Problem with embedded my tour on facebook page using IFR  [SOLVED]

by Cliquetsy » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:47 am

Did you not see the warning at the top of the page? That is old documentation.. ... Publishing

You embedded the flash component of your tour, of which there aren't many in PTP2 and doesn't give you access to any of the HTML or JavaScript components like full screen or any of the boxes, description ...

Facebook only accepts flash, PTP tours aren't flash.

The point of the ifram mod or whatever that you are trying to use is that you can embed the tour in an iframe from the HTML file. (However it isn't well configured so no fullscreen)

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