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'Chattering' footage making AVP unusable

PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:09 pm
by OpticalSound
This is an extremely irritating problem which is essentially making this software unusable to the point where I am considering requesting a refund to buy Mistika instead. ALL my AVP renders suffer from 'chattering' pixels, that is to say fast moving distortions of pixel areas of the footage, particularly around stitch lines.

If Kolor (or some other helpful soul on this forum) cannot provide me with a solution to what is clearly a major bug, I'm afraid this software is not fit for purpose.

ADDITION: I notice this only happens with AVP3, so I've had to go back and re-render all my files in 2.6, which seems to be fine. Just for info I'm on a Mac running Sierra, 32gbRAM. Nvidia 680MX 2GB card.

Just for the record, I wish I'd bought Mistika instead of AVP3. I've been on Autopano since version 2.2 and found it ok then, but but as camera technology and demands on standards in 360 content have grown, AVP has woefully failed to keep up. D-Warp is a complete waste of time, and aside from marginally faster render times in version 3, I really don't see any advancement in this software from when I started using it almost four years ago.