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cross platform App generation

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:27 am
by 42VR
i think it's time we stopped needing to be dependent on ISP internet conneciton speeds to view and share PTP tours.
they are already media rich, 360 image, 360 video, hotspots, popups, audio, and with different plugins the interactivity is first class!
but it's all internet conneciton dependent!
this is a huge problem for viewing 4K and 8K 360 video!
you can put a 360 Youtube link in a video popup, which is a reasonable workaround...for now...
but if you are not running Chrome...forget it.
it needs to be embedded INside the PTP tour.

as a side note.
what's UP with the 1GB 360 video size limit for rendering out a tour?
i can't render anything larger than 1GB and have it play back witout errors?
maybe someone knows something about that/
i've put 20GB 4K 360 vids on troubles...besides it being on Youtube...

so the point of this post is for a future feature for PTP Pro.
it needs to not just generate a tour, with a link we can needs to generate an APP that can be dowloaded to the device or computer and played on that device independently from reliance on an internet connection.
this will become increasingly important as 360 video increases in popularity.
it needs to be able to generate an App for Android, iOS, and Mac and Windows desktops.
to sell on itunes, Google Play, App store etc.
PTP Pro already has many of the rich media features that App Studio has.
but App Studio is horribly expensive!
and it's not natively 360 friendly...not like PTP Pro.
PTP could wipe them out!

having a downloadable App with embedded video and HTML5 rich media will play faster and smoother than even a fast connection.
so many benefits.
not sure why it hasn't been done yet?