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Panotour Pro/KRPANO tiles missing sRGB color profile?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:01 pm
by Aperta

Are Panotour Pro/KRPANO tiles missing sRGB color profile, thus causing a color shift?

I noticed a contrast/saturation shift between my Jpg 8bit sRGB equirectangular panorama and the final working panotour/krpano version, so I investigated and found that the panorama tiles lack an attributed color profile (sRGB in this case). I found this by opening the tiles in photoshop.

If I open a tile directly in a browser it shows the same wrong color as displayed on the panotour/krpano version.
BUT if I open the same tile in photoshop and manually assign the sRGB color profile, save it and reopen it directly in the browser it shows the correct color! So... it seems not to be a browser problem, but rather a missing color profile...

Here are the samples:

This is a 100% sample crop of my Jpg 8bit sRGB equirectangular panorama:

This is a browser screenshot of the spherical panorama made in panotour pro. Notice the difference in the sunset orange hue, more contrast and yellow saturation?

This are 4 original panotour tiles (joined into one file for presentation proposes) of the above shown region, lacking an assigned sRGB profile. Wrong color:

This are the above 4 panotour tiles after manually assigning the sRGB profile. RIGHT color!!:

Now, manually assigning a sRGB color profile (with a PS action) to tiles could be a last resort solution, BUT even if I manually reassign the sRGB color profile to all the tiles, they will keep being displayed with wrong color in panotour/krpano panorama as if the color profile is somehow bypassed or ignored.
To make things even harder to understand, if I open the 2 above image versions, the one lacking the sRGB, and the one with sRGB color profile, they both look exactly the same in photoshop, even if they display different in the browser... It seems to me that panotour/krpano flash is ignoring any color profile present in tiles.

Does anyone noticed it or have a clue about this? I've searched this forum and internet, but could't find a singular post on color management not being applied on tiles.

Can anyone confirm this? Is there a solution?
Thanks in advance! Sorry for the rather long explanation, but I wanted to make it simple for you to diagnose the problem.

Rui Aperta

Re: Panotour Pro/KRPANO tiles missing sRGB color profile?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:57 pm
by Aperta
Problem Solved!

I edited the panorama using the wrong proof setup (CMYK) as soon as I reedited the panorama with the proper proof setup, everything just went fine and both panorama and tiles look as the original jpg.