Autopano Pro 2.0.5 and Autopano Giga 2.0.5  

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Autopano Pro 2.0.5 and Autopano Giga 2.0.5

by AlexandreJ » Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:25 pm


Just a short notice about this new release.
While working on v2.1, we are still providing some fix release.


Autopano Pro / Giga 2.0.5 Changelog

* FIXED - MAC Tiger : editor without any image :
o Same :
* FIXED - Found in an external forum ( please report bug in autopano forum, it's easier for us to manage ). In a panorama, when changing one image size with scale button, every other images are affected.
* FIXED - Gigapan case that gave an infinite loop when optimizing ( it's a special 2 rows gigapan ).
* FIXED - Crash, when adding a new image to the panorama through the editor.
o Same : Crash when doing gigapan and using add / delect image in the editor :
* NEW - When adding a new image through the editor, the default path for image selection is the one of the first image in the panorama.
* FIXED - When adding a new fisheye image through the editor, no control point can be detected with the control point editor.
* FIXED - When using move mode, location or rotation, autopano doesn't always use the latest position / rotation.
* FIXED - Crash when leaving Autopano while some rendering is still occurring.

Autopano Tour 1.0.5 Changelog

* FIXED - Error when embedded object (picture) has no tooltip
* FIXED - Krpano beta 8 update (fullscreen freezing)

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by [bo] » Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:02 pm

You can download them from the usual place:
Some of my panoramas, posted in the Autopano Pro flickr group.

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