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Autopano Team News

by AlexandreJ » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:24 am


Let's take some time to post some news. We were not away but more quiet the last 3 weeks to concentrate on some "behind the scene" tasks.

- Panobook 2010. Everything is ready and will be launched soon. I will let Rami post the news about it. It took us some time to decide what we want to do with this year book, but now, we have one good goal and I really hope you will enjoy it.

- Cologne Meeting. Yes, this is already a success because of the number of people that respond and said that they will come. I'm really looking forward to this meeting.
"Ich must mein Deutsch wieder zu probieren, aber das must gehen, oder ?"

- Documentation. As I said before, this was the biggest lack for the moment for Autopano v2 engine. We are writing it and a good part has already been done ( we started with the French version in fact ). We'll concentrate on the translation soon. Video are also coming. One that I will really care about is the gigapixel editing. I hope we will be able to do it before I go to holiday.

- Websites. We spend also a lot of time on improvement on website and webshop. This is not obvious at first sight, but many small issue has been corrected to make a better experience in the webshop. Now, we have a technology that will allow us to create mashup between all websites ( BTW : we used that technology in the panobook website ). It will also us for example to prepare some easy web page to retrieve lost registration keys, to help us to respond faster to support with a more accurate answer. The support is something that Kolor is doing well and we want that to continue. But with the grow of the number of customer, this support takes more time and we needed more efficient tool.

- Development. We are continuing a huge effort on Autopano Tour. The next version will have a lot of new features : first implementation of template on some krpano objects, support of floorplan, support for 3D zones to put images or videos in panorama that turns with the panorama, etc. For Autopano Pro / Giga, we are doing the manual control point edition ( put / move single control points ), and several minor changes. We're doing also behind the scene changes to prepare integration of the new HDR. These changes will be version 2.1.
Don't ask for a release date, I won't answer :) ( I've learned to stay quiet, even if it is really hard for me ).

- Exhibition. I will attend to the Siggraph in New-Orleans in August. If some of you are also there, I would be happy to meet them there.

- Team. We are growing. We want more people to create always better products. If you want to join the team, it's the right time to contact us with a resume :)

- Holidays ! Don't forget that part. Let's shoot a lot, in panoramic format of course !

Take care.


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by Paul » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:16 am

really good news

may be two days to late ...

as we say in germany:
cause I found a lot of "hooks and eyes" in APG I hesitated to upgrade within the bonus period which is outdatedsince two days :|

close, but no cigar ... ... ...

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by DrSlony » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:43 am

Good news and good luck with all that :)

Could you add the wiki link to the forum at the top again please?

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by taf » Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:27 pm

bon courage pour ces journées de grosse chaleur !!!
Look. There's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up !

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