Autopano Pro 2.0.2 and Autopano Giga 2.0.2  

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Autopano Pro 2.0.2 and Autopano Giga 2.0.2

by AlexandreJ » Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:41 pm

This is a fix release for the latest release

>>> Download links :

Autopano Pro / Giga

* NEW : Update system.
o This system will warns you when a new release of the software is available. It will check online for a new version and notify you during the startup of the application if a new release is available. You can also check manually for a new version through the help / "check for updates" menu. The online check is done during application startup ( at most once per week only ) and of course no private information are sent to the webserver.
* FIXED : Rendering panorama with RAW file crash.
o We found a bug that was not easy to catch because it only happen with big configuration with a high number of core. It happens at rendering and lead to crash.
* FIXED : Extended save bug with fisheye panorama. Save and load issue.
o If you load some .pano and the preview didn't show anything, you probably have this issue. You need to detect again fisheye panoramas that were saved with extended save because some information were lost in the .pano ( the fisheye circular crop and offset in fact ). The workaround is to edit this image in the editor if you see black area :
* FIXED : HDR workflow broken.
o Bug : you can get some grey zone in the previous or rendering :
o Note that you should not use color correction with 32bits image source ( .HDR or openEXR ). It could results in some color lost in bright area.
* NEW : Tonemapper in viewer
o When opening a 32bits file with the internal viewer or the control point editor, you have a new drop-down box to tonemap quickly the image so you can see something in that image.
* FIXED : GPU mode and transparency in input images.
o The GPU preview was not handling this case :
* FIXED : Windows 64 bits version.
o A compiler issue could cause the rendering phase to crash with this version
* FIXED : German translation fixed :
* FIXED : Mac Tiger Raw detection crash.
o When using raw, crash could occur with "Symbol not found: _mktime$UNIX2003" :
* FIXED : Mac registration not sticky.
o With German language and under some circumstance, the registration code could not stickly between session :
* INFO : Mac Crash.
o Some mac crash can be explained because the system is not up to date. Some customers reported that the combo update can fix this serious crash that we were not able to reproduce here. Go here to download the combo upgrade :
o Confirmed here :,83-4-go-ca-plante
o And here :
* UPDATE : Cameras.txt and lensid.txt
o Nikon D5000 and Canon 500D support added
o Several new lensID for canon were added too

Autopano Tour

* Caps in the inserted list of panorama in the viewer are now kept
* Correction of the autorotation with partial panorama. It could be stucked because in the 3D view, you could have entered a view that is not autorized. So this view is now clamped to authorized value only to prevent that.

What's next

We have already made good advances in the scheduling and definition for next releases.
We still need to concentrate on documentation, new videos tutorial, new features dedicated explanation.


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by [bo] » Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:27 pm

Yay, I hope the docs will come soon!
Some of my panoramas, posted in the Autopano Pro flickr group.

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