Autopano Pro v1.3 Beta 1  

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Autopano Pro v1.3 Beta 1

by AlexandreJ » Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:31 am

Download here :

Changelog :

Brand new rendering engine :
- complete multithreaded engine which support now multicores on single render,
- Virtual File Writer on any format : no more limitations on any file format,
- huge reduction of needed memory for huge panorama rendering,
- layers mode on every formats available,
- new interpolators, bicubic sharper / bicubic smoother and corrected bicubic,
- TIFF support,

1st part of the control point editor :
- logical edition of link,
- add / remove of pictures and links,
- helper windows for nice selection,
- visual selection on the panorama directly.

New notion : Layer editor :
- allows logical regroupment between pictures and how to handle this regroupment,
- now you can do one render per aperture for example.

Undo is changed for a true History :
- every modification is kept is the listing,
- you can get back on any previous step,
- snapshot, to keep nice steps !

Know bug : some hard crash when rendering. It's a threading issue and we're investigating.

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