Is it possible to watch a rendered side-by-side video  

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Is it possible to watch a rendered side-by-side video

by nikstef » Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:56 pm

Hey Guys,

I recorded a 360x180 degrees video with 12 GoPros. I also stitched everything together in Autopano Video Pro, and rendered it afterwards in the side-by-side mode.

Now my problem ist, that the Kolor Eyes App and also no other App I found, can show this side-by-side mode.
I have seen, that I can see 3D with the anaglyph rendering and red and blue transparencies. But I don't think, that this is a nice solution.

Is there a possibility to watch the "real" 3D Videos in a VR-Headset?
If you have an idea, this would be really awesome.

Thanks for your help.


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