Local Video Playback Issues - Kolor Eyes iOS 2.0.1  

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Local Video Playback Issues - Kolor Eyes iOS 2.0.1

by Brian Factor » Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:42 am

I did not make any changes to my iOS but in (I think) December last year the 1 x 30 second and 1 x 1 minute clips in my Local Videos folder started freezing for a short moment every two seconds as the clip played through. I did a fresh download of the clips from my server to the local folder and reinstalled Kolor Eyes but they still played back jerky.

iPhone 5
iOS 7.1.2
Kolor Eyes 2.0.1
Local Videos - 1920x 960/25fps/h.264/7Mbps

I assume the Kolor Eyes updated automatically with the December 8 update to 2.0.1.

I've just tried creating new clips and loading them via iTunes but they just loop the first two seconds of the clip. If I scrub to a different position on the playhead they loop a new two second section. And the original (also reloaded) clip still plays back jerky. I emptied 3GB and reset my iPhone, reinstalled Kolor Eyes and reloaded all the clips (old and new) but the problem remains.


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