PTP 2.5 Beta2 - VR Unable to customize the settings  

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PTP 2.5 Beta2 - VR Unable to customize the settings

by bdd » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:42 pm

Hi everyone,

This post if for all of you who don't use the English version of PTP but either the Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Italian or German version.

When displaying the VR mode of the tour, you may want to customize the settings of this mode.

But here is what you get with the PTP 2.5 Beta 2 released today :

There is no text explaining you what to do, nor any button allowing you to customize the settings.

This bug is due to the language modifications we did in the tour. Of course, it will be fixed in next version, and of course we should have notice it before the release of the 2.5 Beta 2 .

But here is how to display the hidden button.

We suppose in the following steps that the filename of your tour is "index".

So step into the "indexdata" subdirectory.

There you'll see 6 or 7 XML files.

Edit the file named index_core_vr.xml with a text editor.

Look at the 18th line of this file :

Change the value set for tour_language and set it to en, even if english is not the language you want to be displayed.

Like his :

Finally, play your tour once again.
Here is what you'll see now (if you choosed to use the portuguese version of PTP) :

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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