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Image & video stitching
The Kolor Team has worked on complex image-stitching projects and has acquired great experience in solving the hardest issues. Since 2008, Kolor has also developed knowledge and experience in 360-degree video stitching. We put this unique knowledge at your disposal for your projects.
Dedicated development
Our team is able to offer specific developemnt of solutions that will let you acheive your panoramic imagery project. See some examples of our work below.
Project management
The Kolor Team can manage a whole project where panoramic images, virtual tours and 360-degree videos are involved. Our team is behind some of the world’s largest projects.

Client case: Dubai360

A custom Kolor solution behind a spectacular project
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Dubai360 project in details

Discover Dubai as never before. Admire the view from the highest building on Earth, enter into the most incredible buildings, exquisite hotels and tourist points captured from helicopters or on site.

Dubai360 is the world’s largest virtual tour. It includes thousands of photographic elements, including gigapixel views, 360-degree videos and 360° photo views.

Such a project needed a specific solution to let several people cooperate in the uploading, hotspotting and publishing of the tour.

Kolor expertise involved in Dubai360 project

The Kolor Team was asked to answer the specific needs arisen in this project:

  • Collaborative work on a single virtual tour project
  • Ease to make the tour evolve over time
  • Scalability for projects where content to be included is in the thousands
  • Ability to translate all the elements easily
  • Ability to add moving hotspots to 360-degree video content
  • Delivrability: scalable cloud solution to support millions of viewers
  • Snapshot sharing for high virality on social media

Kolor created a Content Management System (CMS) adapted for VR imagery, that answers all the above needs.

Here is a preview of the solution we designed for Dubai360:

Client case: Adidas Brazucam 360-degree video ball

Kolor expertise involved in Adidas Brazucam 360-degree video ball

Adidas Brazucam project in details

The Kolor team was chosen by service providers of Adidas to help in creating the Brazucam: a 360-video version of the famous Brazuca, the official ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Kolor brought its unique expertise and advised the technical team both in hardware and software aspects.

The Brazucam traveled the world before the World Cup began, and captured incredible 360-degree videos on the pitch.

The prototype ball we used for our tests:
Prototype of the Adidas Brazucam
Watch the case study ©TBWA:

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