Automatic Stitching

Add the option of online image-stitching on your website.
In this version, all the Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga automatic processes have been optimized and robustness has been increased for a faultless result. This solution is easy to implement either in a mono-server environment or in a cluster, so image stitching can be carried out by all types of sites.

Autopano Server’s power

Client case: automatic server-based stitching for the motorized webcams of Trinum
Trinum develops a concept of motorized webcams and install them in tourist places, mainly in ski resorts. The company chose Autopano Server software from Kolor to stitch the images automatically and produce high resolution panoramic images. Autopano Server webcam shoots 3 rows of 15 images each and Autopano Server automatically stitches them together, no matter the weather conditions. Image resolution is often the weak point of the webcams. Stitching webcam images together enable to increase the resolution and gives a panoramic view of the site.

Autopano Server enables a website to have an image stitching service integrated in its workflow. This can be very useful in several fields: industry, tourism, real estate…

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