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PS: if some of the following links may no longer work you can copy the link and go to the Internet Archive ( https://archive.org/ ) and search for some snapshops made from the unavailable site. Concrete example: the Entrance Pupil database is currently (12.1.2014) unavailable and last available snapshot found is from Sept. 15 2013
Calculators and Databases
Auto Exposure Bracketing settings by camera model
Entrance Pupil Database
Field Of View and Panorama Production Calculator
Panoramic Lens Database
Papywizard Templategenerator
Photographic Cheat Sheet (Available Light - EV values...)
Lens Database (General Data)
Review of the Canon EF 8-15 mm f4 Fisheye Zoom. A new tool for the Canonist panorama photographers
Samyang 8 mm f3.5 fisheye CS lens. Shaving and test report
Samyang 14mm F2.8 ED AS IF UMC. Is this new very wide-angle lens any good and... can it be used for panorama photography?
To make a complete 360 x 180° panorama with -only- eight photos from a 14 mm rectilinear lens? Yes, we can!
Modifying the panorama
Adding a nadir cap (mirror ball)
How to take a perfect NADIR image for spherical panoramas without taking the camera from the panohead
A technique for making "Little planet" (stereographic projection) views.
Parallax / NPP / Entrance Pupil
Avoiding Parallax Problems
4 Big Ben's Panorama Tutorials: Determining the Nodal Point of a Lens
Entrance Pupil Alignment (Formerly Nodal Point)
Finding the No-Parallax-Point
Finding The Nodal Point of Your Lens
Panroramas Made Simple. 8: Known No-Parallax Points
Panoramic heads: Why do I need a panoramic head?
"The Grid" tutorial
3D & Full spherical Panoramas
how to create full spherical panorama renderings with 3Ds Max and VRay

If you find an broken link or wanna add a new tutorial in two ways:
1. You can leave a post in the forum
2. you can create a free wiki account and add the entry to these tables (insert it according to alphabetic order of your Topic)...
its simple: just copy and paste an existing ROW block and edit the 2 lines....