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PS: if some of the following links may no longer work you can copy the link and go to the Internet Archive ( https://archive.org/ ) and search for some snapshops made from the unavailable site. Concrete example: the Entrance Pupil database is currently (12.1.2014) unavailable and last available snapshot found is from Sept. 15 2013 ,-))
Calculators and Databases
Auto Exposure Bracketing settings by camera model
Entrance Pupil Database
Field Of View and Panorama Production Calculator
Panoramic Lens Database
Papywizard Templategenerator
Photographic Cheat Sheet (Available Light - EV values...)
Lens Database (General Data)
Review of the Canon EF 8-15 mm f4 Fisheye Zoom. A new tool for the Canonist panorama photographers
Samyang 8 mm f3.5 fisheye CS lens. Shaving and test report
Samyang 14mm F2.8 ED AS IF UMC. Is this new very wide-angle lens any good and... can it be used for panorama photography?
To make a complete 360 x 180° panorama with -only- eight photos from a 14 mm rectilinear lens? Yes, we can!
Modifying the panorama
Adding a nadir cap (mirror ball)
How to take a perfect NADIR image for spherical panoramas without taking the camera from the panohead
A technique for making "Little planet" (stereographic projection) views.
Parallax / NPP / Entrance Pupil
Avoiding Parallax Problems
4 Big Ben's Panorama Tutorials: Determining the Nodal Point of a Lens
Entrance Pupil Alignment (Formerly Nodal Point)
Finding the No-Parallax-Point
Finding The Nodal Point of Your Lens
Panroramas Made Simple. 8: Known No-Parallax Points
Panoramic heads: Why do I need a panoramic head?
"The Grid" tutorial
3D & Full spherical Panoramas
how to create full spherical panorama renderings with 3Ds Max and VRay

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1. You can leave a post in the forum
2. you can create a free wiki account and add the entry to these tables (insert it according to alphabetic order of your Topic)...
its simple: just copy and paste an existing ROW block and edit the 2 lines....