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Papywizard preset database

Here are some user presets for Papywizard.

Preset 1

  • lens:
    • type: rectilinar
    • focal: 20mm
  • sensor crop factor: x1.6
  • purpose: 360°x180°
  • used by: klausesser
   <preset name="4 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 8 (32mm)">
           20 mm on APS-C (x1.6)
           4  picts @ +80°
           12 picts @ +40°
           12 picts @   0°
           12 picts @ -40°
           8  picts @ -80°
           <pict yaw="30." pitch="80."/>
           <pict yaw="120." pitch="80."/>
           <pict yaw="210." pitch="80."/>
           <pict yaw="300." pitch="80."/>
           <pict yaw="345." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="315." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="285." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="255." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="225." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="195." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="165." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="135." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="105." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="75." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="45." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="15." pitch="40."/>
           <pict yaw="0." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="30." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="60." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="90." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="120." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="150." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="180." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="210." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="240." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="270." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="300." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="330." pitch="0."/>
           <pict yaw="345." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="315." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="285." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="255." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="225." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="195." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="165." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="135." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="105." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="75." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="45." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="15." pitch="-40."/>
           <pict yaw="30." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="75." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="120." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="165." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="210." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="255." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="300." pitch="-80."/>
           <pict yaw="345." pitch="-80."/>

Note: the last row can be the same as the first one, but using 8 pictures instead of 4 helps to reduce the footprint of the head (Merlin).