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Logo-Panotour-Pro-2010.png Panotour Pro only    This feature is available only in the pro version of Panotour.

Deep linking allows you to go directly to the panorama view and zoom of your choice. You can achieve this by adding some variables to the URL.

  • Deep-linking starts with ? at the end of your URL, then your variable (see example below).
  • To use several variables in the same link, use the & between variables (see example below).
  • startscene or s is the panorama identifier name.
    Panorama Information - PanoID

Additional parameters you can use:

  • h is the horizontal looking direction (-180 to +180).
  • v is the vertical looking direction (-90 to +90).
  • f is the current field of view in degrees (0.0 to 179.0). Depending on its value, this variable may have no effect if Limit to image resolution checkbox is checked.
  • skipintro is an option to skip the little planet effect and/or the splash screen introduction.
  • norotation is an option to stop autorotation. Useful if your tour is build with autorotation on startup.
  • tour_soundson=false is an option to start out the tour with the sounds turned off.
  • tour_displaythumbnails=false is an option to start out the tour with the tour thumbnails hidden.
  • vr to start the tour directly on the VR Mode start screen (can be combined with startscene variable).

For example your final deep linked URL could look like:

- http://www.yoururl.com/?html5=only&s=pano425&h=-104&v=-9&f=67
- http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?s=pano425&h=-104&v=-9&f=67&skipintro=true&norotation=true
- http://www.yoururl.com/mytour.html?vr&s=pano425

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