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Panotour - Interface - Main Window 180

The central window lets you see the all elements of a project (panoramas, hotspots, links, etc.) and select them so that they can be edited.
The panoramas are represented as thumbnails, the hotspots as circles, triangles or squares (according to type) and the links between the panoramas as arrows.

Central window


  • The mouse wheel zooms in/out to change the size of items displayed.
  • Ctrl+0 (Windows) / Cmd+0 (Mac) lets you adjust the view to all the displayed items.
  • When the scene is not fully visible, it is possible to move in it with:
    • the scroll boxes.
    • the arrow keys.
    • the mouse (left click on the bottom of the scene to move with the mouse).
  • The name of the picture appears when you hover over it with the mouse.


Each selected item is squared in white (the hotspots are filled with gray to enhance visual contrast).

  • Select an element by clicking on it.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key (PC) / Cmd (Mac) key to select multiple items.
  • Ctrl+A (PC) / Cmd+A (Mac) selects all panoramas and hotspots.


  • Panoramas can be moved with a simple drag and drop.
  • The shortcut Shift+R to rearrange the window automatically.
  • To connect a hotspot to a panorama, select the hotspot and slide it towards the desired panorama:
    • This link is symbolized by an arrow (the arrow is only visible when the hotspot is selected).
    • All links exiting a Panorama appear when selected.
  • A panorama can be deleted via the contextual menu (right click on the panorama in question) or by using the Delete key.
  • Hotspots can only be deleted through the contextual menu in the center window (right click on the spot).

Technical Support / Panotour Documentation