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Panotour - Build tab

Build Tab of Panotour Pro

The Build Tab is the final step of your tour creation. In this tab you configure your tour export formats and check the summary of your project. Panotour Pro can also protect your exported files by encrypting your XML configuration file and make your tour work only on selected domains. A FTP client is included to upload your project files to your web server.


Output Fields
  • select button Folder: Select the export folder in which all your project files will be saved.
  • Filename: Enter the filename you wish for the main file of your tour. For many purposes, it is recommended to use «index» for filename.


  • Flash Viewer: Checkbox to enable/disable export for Flash format. Highly recommended if the tour is displayed on desktop computers. Flash viewer does not work on mobiles and tablets devices.
  • HTML5 Viewer: Checkbox to enable/disable export for HTML5 format. HTML5 format is intended for use with mobiles and tablets. Desktop computers may not support HTML5 according to the browser used.