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Orion TeleTrack altazimuth tracking mount

Version française (the french version is more complete)

Project presentation

The idea is to make a motorized panoramic head from a standard astronomic mount; the cheap price of the Orion Teletrack mount makes it a very good choice.

Forum discussions are here



How to turn it to a panoramic head

The remote uses an ASCII Serial Protocol to drive the head. But the head can't be connected to a standard RS232 port, because of 2 things:

  • signals are not RS232 compatible; they are TTL open-drain
  • TX/RX are wired together (only half duplex is allowed)

So it requires an electronic adaptation. There are in fact 2 signals: the DATA signal (TX/RX), and a CS signal; but even if the CS signal is used by the original remote, it seems to be possible to drive the head without using it (to be confirmed). The interface will implement the CS signal, to cover all cases.

Driving software