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Merlin-Orion-Papywizard users feedback

Merlin/Orion/Papywizard users feedback

On this page, users can share usefull informations about their configuration and usage of that project.

Just copy/paste/fill the template, but do not remove it!


I live in France, near Grenoble. I'm also the developer (and french translator, of course) of Papywizard.


  • camera: 20D
  • Papywizard platform(s): Nokia 770/maemo OS2007HE, Tablet HP TC1100/linux
  • interface(s): Tronisoft TTL-RS232 converter + AIRCable RS232-Bluetooth converter
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): custom crown


I shoot partial (hi-resolution or not) panos, and spherical panos. For partial panos, I use either a Canon 17-40@17mm, a Canon 50mm lens, or a Canon 70-200@200mm. For spherical, I mainly use a Tokina fisheye 10-17@10mm, but also a Canon 17-40@17mm.

I plan to use a pole for semi-aerial panos (partial and spherical).

A long-term project is also to replace the internal electronic to enhance the head (moving faster on short moves < 6°...), and for the fun!


I am a hobbyist living in New Zealand.


  • cameras: Nikon D70, Nikon D80, FujiFilm S3 Pro
  • Papywizard platform(s): Nokia 770/maemo OS2007HE
  • interface(s): SmartFun BlueSMIRF Bluetooth-TTL converter + SONY 12v > 4.5v power supply
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): None yet, but I am using arca swiss rails to replace the stock L bracket.


I will use it for automated partial panos and the occasional spherical using primarily my Nikon 10.5mm FE, and lenses in the 18-50mm range. I really want to test the limits of the technology in the longer term, exploring time lapse panography, and eventually slit scan with a scanner based camera.


I'm Andrew Stephens. I live in Isleham, Cambridgeshire in the UK. Pano photography is a hobby.


  • camera: Nikon D40.
  • Papywizard platform(s): Nokia 770/maemo OS2007HE, IBM Thinkpad T23/Windows 2000 Pro, Dell GX270 desktop/Windows XP Pro.
  • interface(s): Tronisoft 4201 TTL-RS232 convertor + Tronisoft BTLink RS232-Bluetooth adapter.
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): None. D40 is a small bodied DSLR and NPP can be achieved without modifications to the Merlin mount.


Spherical panos using Nikkor 10.5mm FE and Sigma 8mm f3.5 FE. Partial panos using 10-55mm Nikon 'kit' zoom.


living in Bonn, Germany, german translation of Papywizard


  • camera: Olympus E-510, 9-18, 14-42, 40-150, 70-300
  • Papywizard platform(s): N770/OS2007HE, TC1100/Win7
  • interface(serial): RS232-TTL converter and LS7805 voltage regulator
  • interface(bluetooth): BTM-222mod10 from Peter Plischka (www.plischka.at) and LS7805 voltage regulator (needs no RS232-TTL converter)
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): custom crown


partial and spherical panos


GigaPixel Photographer, living in London, UK


  • camera: <Canon Powershot S5IS, Canon 350D, Nikon D40>
  • Papywizard platform(s): <BT-Serial + Papywizard on Nokia 770/maemo OS2007HE, WinXP>
  • interface(s): <Tronisoft 4201 TTL-RS232 convertor + Tronisoft BTLink RS232-Bluetooth adapter.>
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): <None as yet, will adapt to suite camera>


<Being one of the few early adopters and at the cutting edge of this new amalgamation of technology, I wish to explore the images that can be created and also develop this new media into the mainstream, to be shared and enjoyed by all. My primary focus is GigaPixel Photography with an interest in Pano images for educational and creative usage.>


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<Short description of yourself>


  • camera: <your camera>
  • Papywizard platform(s): <your platform(s)>
  • interface(s): <your interface(s)>
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): <your modification(s)>


<What you do - or plan to do - with that project>