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Merlin-Orion-Papywizard users feedback

Merlin/Orion/Papywizard users feedback

On this page, users can share usefull informations about their configuration and usage of that project.

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I live in France, near Grenoble. I'm also the developper (and french translator, of course) of Papywizard.


  • camera: 20D
  • Papywizard plateform(s): Nokia/maemo (770), PC/linux
  • interface(s): Tronisoft TTL-RS232 converter + AIRCable RS232-Bluetooth converter
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): custom crown


I shoot partial (hi-resolution or not) panos, and spherical panos. For partial panos, I use either a Canon 17-40@17mm, a Canon 50mm lens, or a Canon 70-200@200mm. For spherical, I mainly use a Tokina fisheye 10-17@10mm, but also a Canon 17-40@17mm.

I plan to use a pole for semi-aerial panos (partial and spherical).

A long-term project is also to replace the internal electronic to enhance the head (moving faster on short moves < 6°...), and for the fun!


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  • camera: <your camera>
  • Papywizard plateform(s): <your plateform(s)>
  • interface(s): <your interface(s)>
  • Merlin/Orion modification(s): <your modification(s)>


<What you do - or plan to do - whith that project>