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(Install the required program packages - godmode, Python 2.5 runtime and PyQt)
(Update to the 0S2008 firmware)
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=== Update to the 0S2008 firmware ===
=== Update to the 0S2008 firmware ===
* download the OS2008 firmware from http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/#maemo_releases (use the latest one)
* download the [http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/#maemo_releases OS2008 firmware] (use the latest one)
==== From Windows ====
==== From Windows ====
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==== From MacOS ====
==== From MacOS ====
See http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware#Flashing_on_Mac_OS_X
See [http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware#Flashing_on_Mac_OS_X here].
==== From Linux ====
==== From Linux ====
See http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware#Flashing_on_Linux
See [http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware#Flashing_on_Linux here].
=== Add the ''Maemo Extra'' Application Catalogue  ===
=== Add the ''Maemo Extra'' Application Catalogue  ===

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This page describes all the steps needed to install Papywizard2 on a Nokia N8x0.

Version française

Work on progress!


In order to run Papywizard2 your Nokia Internet Tablet must run OS2008 or later. This mean that Papywizard2 only works on N8x0 devices.

The N800 was originally supplied with OS2007 but will run all versions of OS2008. So you need to upgrade your N800 to the latest version of OS2008 before installing Papywizard2. And it will run faster and be more stable than when running OS2007.

The N810 was shipped with OS2008. It is recommended that you update your N810 to the latest version of OS2008 before installing Papywizard2.

The N800 and N810 run the same versions of OS2008. The basic/core hardware of the N800 and N810 is very similar but the N810 has a slide out keyboard and has only one removable card slot and 2GB internal storage; the N800 has two removable card slots instead, and no slide out keyboard.

The Papywizard2 program is written using the Python programming language. You must install the Python 2.5 runtime and PyQt library before installing the Papywizard2 program.

Nokia N8x0

Update to the 0S2008 firmware

From Windows

From MacOS

See here.

From Linux

See here.

Add the Maemo Extra Application Catalogue

  • Power up your Nokia N8x0 Tablet.
  • from the Home screen, run the Application Manager program which will be found in Tools.
  • open the menu Tools > Application catalogue...
  • double-tap Maemo extra.
  • uncheck the Disabled checkbox.

If the catalogue is not already there, add a new Application Catalogue with the following values:

Name         Maemo extra 
Address      http://repository.maemo.org/extras/
Distribution diablo
Component    free non-free

or install from here

Add the Maemo Extras Devel application catalogue

Add this entry:

Name         Maemo Extras Devel
Address      http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel
Distribution diablo
Component    free non-free

Install the required program packages - godmode, Python 2.5 runtime and PyQt

  • install the godmod.deb program package by clicking the link when browsing this page using your Nokia Tablet
  • open the Application Manager
  • browse the list of Installable Applications.
  • select and install maemo-python-device-env
  • launch the X Terminal program from Extras, then run the following commands from the command line prompt to install the Python 2.5 runtime and PyQt library:
$ sudo gainroot
# apt-get install python2.5-runtime
# apt-get install python2.5-qt4-core python2.5-qt4-gui python2.5-qt4-network

You will see a mass of scrolling text and occasionally be prompted to enter 'Y/N' - always enter 'Y' - eventually you will be returned to the command line prompt. You have now completed the installation of the Python 2.5 runtime and PyQt.

  • close the X Terminal program and return to the Home screen.

Install the latest stable version of Papywizard

Unlike Papywizard branch 1.x, Papywizard v2 can only be installed by downloading the package, and manually install it. In fact, this can be done very easily from the web browser. Just click on the maemo package you will find here.

Run the Papywizard program

  • Select Papywizard, you will find it under Extras.
  • load the Papywizard program and configure the settings to match your camera, lens and the type of connection you wish to use to connect to the Merlin/Orion head - see the User Guide for details.
  • enjoy!

Register and let us know who you are

If you would like to add yourself to a list of Merlin/Orion and Papywizard users.