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GoPro VR Mobile - User Manual


GoPro VR for Android and iOS is a free 360 video player app rendering spherical videos with pixel-precise projection.
Watch stunning 360-degree videos on your smartphone: turn at 360 degrees (gyroscope support), zoom in and out, look at what is taking place in the whole scene.
If you own a VR headset, split the screen to VR mode, slide your smartphone into the headset to experience the ultimate immersion!
Stream your own videos or public 360-degree videos stored for free on the GoPro VR platform or your own videos stored on your smartphone (see below).


To install the app, launch Play Store or App Store and click on the install button.


Any Android device running Android 4.1 and later, with a gyroscope and accelerometer.
Any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device running iOS 9.0 and later.
See the FAQ for more information about the minimum requirements.

Media compatibility

GoPro VR is able to play any video that your device natively supports.
Video format, resolution and bit rate depends on device model.

A safe choice is h.264 encoded 1280x720 at 30 FPS (level 3.1). Most modern high-end devices play h.264 encoded 1920x1080 30 FPS video (level 4.1). Latest high-end models reach 4k resolution 3840x2160 at 30 FPS (level 5.1).
It can render up to 60 fps on the latest devices.


Landing page

You can directly play public videos by browsing the different categories

  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Daily life
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Experimental
  • Fashion
  • Flying
  • Landscape
  • Motor sport
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Street
  • Underwater

You can access this page at any time by choosing Explore from the left menu:

Landing page

Selecting a video (located on the server) will let you play the video, rate it and share it
via Facebook, mail, SMS, ...


Search menu
Search menu

You can see here the most popular searches.

Select the magnifying glass icon to enter your search syntax:

  • A simple word will be searched for in the video titles and descriptions
  • A minimum of 2 characters per word
  • # for hashtags (example: #paris)
  • & for categories (example: &Sport)
  • All the terms can be used in a search (example: Notre Dame &Sport #paris or even "New York" city)

Sign in menu

Opening this menu for the first time will let you log in to
your personal account or create an account.

Once connected, it automatically displays your personal videos.
Swipe your finger from the top to the bottom to refresh the list.
A download link icon is present on the videos uploaded to the device...

...Clicking a video opens it and let you play it, download it or remove it. If the video is located on the server, you will see an icon which will let you download it locally

Sign in menu All my videos Play / Remove

Sort by...

Select My MEDIA menu to let you sort/display which videos you want to see:

  • Sort by...
    • Most watched
    • Most liked
    • Recently added
    • All my media: your videos present on the GoPro VR hosting server AND your local videos present on your device
    • My media on this device: your videos present on your device (1)


  • On Android devices: Plug your device to your computer, then just upload your movies to the folder /storage device/Movies/GoPro VR/.

Under OSX you can use Android File Transfert, then, drag and drop your video files to that folder.

  • On iOS devices: Plug your device to your computer, launch iTunes and select your device.

Choose Apps tab, scroll down to File Sharing. Click on GoPro VR to select the app, then use add button or drag/drop your files into the Documents area to make them available in GoPro VR app.

Settings menu
Settings menu

  • Tutorial: Gives a brief overview of the possible interactions
  • Loop video: The video is played in a loop
  • Support: Lets you type a search syntax
  • Browse products: Allows you to search for a GoPro product
  • About: Gives legal information about the app
  • Log out: To disconnect your account

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