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Format KRO

KRO Format specification

The KRO format is a simple image file storage format.

 Header is 20 bytes long :
 3 bytes : "KRO" signature in hex 0x4B 0x52 0x4F
 1 byte  : 0x01 version
 unsigned long : Width
 unsigned long : Height
 unsigned long : depth = > 8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits
 unsigned long : ncomp => number of compoment, 4 by default, RGB + Alpha
 Data * : the data uncompressed
  • Everything is stored in big endian form ( header and datas )
  • the data is stored RGBA, RGBA ( or RGB, RGB if you have 3 component only )
  • It's row major order, meaning, you store first row, then second row
  • top row is the first row
  • Within a row, are columns stored left-to-right
  • 16bits format is a 16bits integer (0..65535), not floating point ( it's not like half floating point in openEXR )
  • 32bits format is pure 'c' float stored binary in big endian format ( IEEE 754 binary floating point )
  • no color space specification nor metadata stored
  • file size limit is ruled by file system

Panotour Pro can open and use .KRO files.
XNview can open and write .KRO files.
KRPano Tools are also able to open .KRO files to generate tiles.