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'''1.1 beta'''
<span style="color:red">''APT 1.1 beta is underway''</span>
* [[APT 1.1: Properties|Properties]]
* [[APT 1.1: Properties|Properties]]

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My first panorama
Create your first panorama in a few clicks
My first virtual tour New.png
Create a virtual tour step by step
How to straighten a panorama
Use the tools of Autopano to make a panorama straight
Manual stitching of panoramas
Use the control points editor in difficult cases
Stitching of a virtual tour image
Use fisheye images to create 360° panoramas

Manual correction of moving objects
Avoid the apparition of ghosts near moving objects
Creating a panorama with a motorized head Soon.png
Use the support of Gigapan, Merlin/Orion and Clauss Rodeon heads
Editing a gigapixel panorama Soon.png
Manipulate a giant panorama of several gigapixels

Puce.png Enhancing Autopano's performance New.png
Puce.png Photoshop layer edition
Puce.png Bracketed panorama
Puce.png Painting and artwork reproduction
Puce.png Fun, Animated GIF
Puce.png Astronomy stacker



Puce.png What are the differences between Autopano Giga and Autopano Pro?
Puce.png How do I get a full copy of Autopano Giga or Autopano Pro?
Puce.png How much is the program in US Dollars or in my currency?
Puce.png Do I have to pay the VAT?
Puce.png Can I test the program before buying it?
Puce.png How to get a CD-ROM of Autopano?

> All pre-sale questions


Puce.png How to create a virtual tour with Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga?
Puce.png What are the differences between Autopano Pro or Giga and AutoStitch?
Puce.png Does Autopano support fisheye lenses?
Puce.png What file formats are supported for input?

> All questions about features

Puce.png How to install and register the software?
Puce.png I didn't receive my registration code, why?
Puce.png My registration code does not work, why?
Puce.png I lost my registration code; how to get it back?
Puce.png How to install Autopano on a Mac computer?

> All installation questions

Puce.png How to save a panorama as a .JPG or .TIFF file?
Puce.png What hardware should I use to create virtual tours?
Puce.png Which programs support TIFF files from Autopano?
Puce.png Should I pre-process the RAW files?

> All technical questions

Update of user manual is underway

Download PDF v1.4 manual

Update of user manual is underway

APT 1.1 beta is underway

If you did not find answers to your questions on this page, you can read the messages on Autopano forums and post your questions. You need to create a free Forum Account to be able to post messages.

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