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Bluetooth-to-serial adapters

The following documentation explains how to configure some bluetooth-serial adaptors to make them work with the Merlin/Orion head.

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The Merlin-Orion panohead communicates with a simple serial protocole. Hardware configuration of the serial line is 9600-8N1 (9600 bits/s, 8 data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit).


AIRCable sells 2 interesting BT modules for our needs:


If you are using the Serial3 device, it is very easy to set the correct baudrate, using the dip switches. Here is the correct configuration:



On the other hand, the MiniOS device is a little bit harder to configure, as it does not have dip switches. There are two ways to configure it:

Command-line interpretor

The AIRCable MiniOS is badly documentated. Unlike other AIRCable modules (except the SMD one, which is in fact used in the MiniOS), you can't connect to the interpretor through the serial line; you must establish a bluetooth serial link (using bluetooth tools, like Bluesoleil), and, during the first 60 s of the connection, launch a terminal emulator on the BT emulated port (COM5 or something like that) and hit +++<Enter>. You should see something like:

AIRcable OS command line v0.5 
Type h to see the list of commands 

Then, hit u, and change the baudrate to 9600 (enter 96). Reboot the device (r), and that's it.

The complete (out-of date!) command-line documentation is availabe here.

Editing the config.txt file

If you have troubles to connect to through the BT serial link, you can use obex or obexftp tools to download the config.txt file stored on the device, modify it, and upload it again. In this ascii file, change the paramter 0007 like this:

// baud rate, stop bits, parity
@0007 = 0027 0000 0000


LM also sells 2 interesting BT modules:


Here another product, which seems to be the same as LM058 one...