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Autopano Video Documentation - Keyboard shortcuts

Here are the useful key shortcuts for the navigation in Autopano Video.

Shortcut Valid in... Description
ALT + Mouse wheel Timeline Zoom in / Zoom out
CTRL + Click & drag
or Mouse wheel
Timeline Pan
F Timeline Make the current selection (blue) fit the rendering segment (red)
SHIFT + F Timeline Make the rendering segment (red) fit the current selection (blue)
C Timeline tools Cutter tool
V Timeline tools Main tool
Space Main window / preview Play / pause
Left / right arrow Main window / preview Previous / next frame
CTRL + 1 Main window Show input videos only
CTRL + 3 Main window Show preview only
CTRL + 2 Main window Show both input videos and preview
Mouse click & drag + shift Preview Move the panorama on only one axis
A Preview / Editing Apply the changes made in the preview (you need to select the preview for that shortcut to work)

Note: All shortcuts using Ctrl can be used on a Mac using Cmd instead.

If you think a shortcut needs to be added, feel free to make it a feature request, specifying a keyboard shortcut that you think would be appropriate.

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