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Autopano Video - Synchronization

Synchronization allows to automatically detect time gaps of the different videos to synchronize them using either audio signals or motion around the current moment defined on the time line.
Once the calculation ended, a windows opens showing time gaps between audio signals of each of the videos:



  • Maximum search range: defines the maximum time range used for synchronization.
  • Use audio to synchronize video: lets launch the audio synchronization calculation
  • Use motion to synchronize video: lets launch the motion synchronization calculation

  • The Video column defines all video feeds of the running project.
  • The Start time column defines calculated time difference to be applied to each video in order to synchronize audio signals. Values can be adjusted manually if necessary.
  • The Nearest frame column defines the related frames that correspond to the Start time value calculated. Values can be adjusted manually if necessary.


  • Show a sample: plays a few seconds of the 360 video on the Real time preview window. The panorama must be stitched prior to use this feature (Autopano Video Pro only).
  • Update: updates the 360 video on the Real time preview. That allow to check the result of the synchronization when working on CPU mode.

  • Reset: sets synchronization values of all video feeds to zero.
  • Apply: apply calculations without validation. Stitching will not take the synchronization into account when using this button.
  • Cancel: cancels the calculation if required.
  • OK: validates the synchronization and adjusts video feeds depending on the calculation made.

A Warning message appears if the differences calculate seem incoherent (depending on certain redundant information).
In this case, the synchronization may be correct but it is still recommended to launch another synchronization to another moment in the sequence.

It is possible to manually adjusts time differences using the Video Synchronization window.
In the Start Time column, use the arrows (on the right) to reduce/increase time values.
It is also possible to enter number values directly for more precision.

Note: After validating, synchronization is recorded for source video previews, for the creation of reference panoramas and for the video stitching preview.

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