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Autopano Video - Rendering


  • Output: this option exports the final 360° video. Several encoding options are available:

Render settings tab

Encoding rules

  • Preset: selects the encoding profile.
    • Best of H.264: automatically selects the most appropriate profile from basic H.264 profiles (Baseline, Main or High) depending on the size of the final video.
    • Best of BD H.264: automatically selects the most appropriate profile from basic BD H.264 (Low res. or High res.) depending on the size of the final video.
    • H.264 Baseline: appropriate for final videos with a maximum size of 320x240 pixels.
    • H.264 Main: appropriate for final videos with a maximum size of 704x576 pixels.
    • H.264 High: appropriate for final videos with a maximum size of 1920x1080 pixels.
    • BD H.264 Low resolution: corresponds to standard DVD quality (720x576 pixels).
    • BD H.264 High resolution: corresponds to BluRay quality (1920x1080 pixels).
  • Standard: selects video standard (PAL or NTSC).
    • As original video: keeps the standard of the source videos.
    • As preset: forces the Standard setting defined in Settings, Preset tab.
  • FPS:
    • As original video: keeps the fps value of the source videos.
    • As preset: forces the fps value defined in Settings, Preset tab.
  • Aspect ratio: defines resizing rules of video (frames).
    • Keep in display info: (by default) the aspect ratio in pixels is not necessarily respected, but the information is kept in the video feed to all correct display. Some video players do not support this information and may display poorly.
    • Keep in pixels size: the final video is automatically resized to respect assembly proportions.
    • Do not keep: uses the maximum size available without keeping assembly proportions.


  • Default rendering name is the reference panorama name extended with the video format suffix.
  • MP4: exports video in mp4 format.
  • Frames: exports video in frame-by-frame sequence format. The image format and the size in pixels correspond to settings defined in the reference panorama (Autopano Pro or Giga).
  • Audio source: selects the audio feed of one of the source videos from the scrolling list.

Panorama tab

Adjust rendering width or height. Aspect ratio is automatically preserved.
In video rendering case, these size can be changed to be compliant with encoding preset.

Blending presets
The purpose of the blender is to combine the overlapping zones without it being noticeable, to obtain a perfect stiching of the videos.
Autopano Video offers 2 optimization presets adapted to your needs without having to change them yourself.
These profiles correspond to the pre-configurations that can be seen in the “advanced settings”.

  • Diamond: This is fast but it is possible that defects are seen where the areas overlap.
  • Anti-ghost: Conserve the image's strong characteristics (stops, lines, curves) when mixing while automatically removing objects that have moved.
  • Custom: This is enabled when you manually change the parameters and they no longer correspond to a preset.

Advanced settings

  • Blending:
    • None: For each position, the algorithm uses the pixel with the greatest importance according to the required weight.
    • Linear: The rendered pixels are the result of a weighted average of input pixels.
    • Multi-band: Lets you mix the average value (color trend) of the images while maintaining their details.
  • Diamond: The pixels in the centre of the images are more important than the pixels on the edges of the images.
  • Cutting: all moving objects will be retained or removed according to their positions in the overlap areas. The anti-ghost himself makes this choice. This algorithm is computed on first frame only and duplicated for all rendered frames to prevent flickering effects.

Lets you choose the output format, encoding, compression quality and resolution. Theses settings are used when project is rendered as a sequences of individual pictures : when Frames is checked in render tab.

  • Remove Alpha channel: Deletes the alpha channel of the exported files.


  • Restore default values: restores the default setting of the application
  • Apply: validates the modifications made to the settings without launching output.
  • Cancel: cancels changes and closes the output settings window.
  • Add to batch: adds the selected project to the list of batch jobs.
  • OK: launches the final output of the 360° video.