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Autopano Video - Parallax

When using GoPro rig's, you are not at the nodal point. This is the main issue occurring when using such rigs.
It is not only happening with them but with many 360° camera too, like the Ladybug 2, 3 or 5.
Knowing how parallax is altering videos will help to manage a better shooting on stage. So, be sure to keep enough empty space around the cameras
as the parallax effect will produce nasty image stitching errors for objects that are too close to the camera.


H3Pro6 and Freedom360 rigs in vertical mode setup

The Freedom360 and the H3Pro6 rigs are cubic and therefore, each GoPro is looking around from a face of the cube.
This rig can only be put on a tripod from the corner of the cube, so no cube face is straight up, but looking oblique to the ground or oblique to the floor:

H3pro6-vertical.jpg Freedom-vertical-photo.jpg

Now, let's analyse where parallax will occur in the final stitching. To illustrate it, each video content is colored below:


It is really interesting to see that transition zones are obliques and not at all looking straight up or horizontal.
Here, when looking at a moving object on which parallax will happen, you can see that it is cut following an oblique line, ie the transition zone direction.

Freedom360 and H3Pro6 rigs oblique setup

Using the same rig, let's try to change the setup: so that 4 gopros are looking on the horizontal plan. This can be done easily with the 45° pole clamped on the tripod:

H3pro6-45deg.jpg Freedom-45-photo.jpg

Here is the result. Parallax zones have now axis aligned transition zones either vertical or horizontal:



On some scenes, this kind of setup could be better or not. It really depends on shooting conditions. Defining which setup to use requires to ask several questions:

  • Is my camera stationary or not?
  • Where is the motion?
  • Do you need a full sphere or not?
  • Are there moving close and far objects?
  • Etc...

These questions should help to find the right product for your case in the full range of GoPro rigs.

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