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Autopano Video - Installation and registration


1. If you have already downloaded the software for your operating system, skip directly to Step 3.

2. Follow this link to download the version for your operating system: Download Autopano Video

3. Installation:

  • Windows installation
    • Open the downloaded file (.exe) and launch the installation.
  • Mac installation
    • Open the downloaded file (.dmg), a virtual drive will display and will show a file in .mpkg format
    • Double-click this file and follow the installation assistant

At this point, the version installed is the trial version of the software. It has no time limit, but the following features are limited:

  • Video output is limited to 250 images (or 10 seconds at 25 fps)
  • 360° videos created will include an “Autopano” watermark


You will only be able to register your license if you have purchased the software. If you wish to purchase Kolor software, go to our Online Store

After purchasing Kolor software, you will receive a confirmation email containing your invoice in pdf. format This invoice contains your license (username and registration code). These 2 elements will let you register your software to unlock the full version:

1. Start your software.

2. A welcome screen will display containing information about the trial version.

3. Click on “Register”, and a new window will open.

4. Enter your username and your registration code in the required fields. You can find this information in your invoice on in your customer account.

5. Click on OK, and a message will appear saying that registration has been successful.