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Autopano Tour

Quick presentation

Global interface


Application conception :

  • The central window enables to quickly visualize the entire project and to select editable objects. (A)
  • Top right tabulations enable to manually modify selected objects of the main window. (B)
  • Bottom windows enable to graphically edit the current panorama (hotspots (C), 3D navigation (D)).


Group addpicture.png Adding pictures to the virtual tour
Render.png Export the project in Adobe Flash format
Pano open.png Open a project
Pano save.png Save the current project

Central window

The central window enables to select data that we want edit.

A single click selects the panorama (the picture) or the hotspot (white circle or triangle). A selected panorama will be displayed with à black frame and a selected hotspot will be paint in while. It’s possible to select several elements by maintains the “ctrl” touch.

Last selected panorama can be suppressed by context menu (right click).

One can drag a hotspot to another panorama. In the virtual tour, a click on this hotspot will open the pointed panorama. This link is graphically represented by an arrow only visible when the panorama is selected.

When mouse is over a panorama, the file name appears.


Properties windows

These windows apply on selected objects properties. If none element is selected, they are inactive. When several elements are selected, properties which are different are displayed in grey but are still editable.


Hotspots edition window

Dark area shows the area where it’s impossible to draw a hotspot. It enables to not draw polygon over more than 180 degrees.

Move pan.png Move mode: mouse movements while left button is pressed enable to displace editable area. The double click displays the window in full screen.

When the escape touch is down, the move mode is automatically activated.

Move full.png Full screen mode: displays the window in full screen.
Hotspot polygonal.png Polygonal hotspot: each click adds a point to the current polygon. When the last point is near the first point, the polygon is automatically closed and added to the panorama.

Drawn lines between control points are curved to have the same deformation of the panorama. It enables to see hotspot area of the final 3D projection.

Hotspot image.png Punctual hotspot: each click adds a punctual hotspot at the mouse position.
Lensflare.png Lens flare mode: each click adds a lens flare effect at the mouse position.
Back.png Previous: select the previous panorama
Forward.png Next : select the next panorama

3D view edition

Mouse left button and mouse wheel enable to move into 3D projection.

Context menu enables to define navigation properties of the panorama in the final virtual tour.




  • Display :
    • First Displayed Panorama: first panorama displayed in the final virtual tour
    • Logo:
      • File: logo file to insert (PNG, JPG, GIF, SWF).
      • Position: logo position
      • Link: opened link on logo click
  • Export
    • Embed all data: on activation, all used picture are embedded in the exported flash file, otherwise they are copied in a sub directory and dynamically loaded.
    • HTML Template: pointed html file will be used to generate a web page including the generated virtual tour. Template files are in the sub directory « Templates/html/ » presents in the installation directory. $(SWF) keyword presents in the template will be replaced by the generated flash file.
    • Option: flash version compatibility.


  • Field of view: field of view covered by the panorama
    • Horizontal: horizontal angle in degrees
    • Vertical: vertical angle in degrees
    • Vertical offset: vertical position of panorama center in degrees
  • Pictures parameters:
    • Cube Face Size: picture size used to build the cubic 3D panorama
    • Preview Size: picture size of the preview displayed while loading the panorama
    • Jpeg Quality: jpeg compression quality (from 0 to 12)
    • Nadir Patch: picture inserted on nadir face
    • Scale: size of the nadir patch, proportionally to face size
  • Camera Parameters:
    • Yaw: horizontal position of the initial view in degrees
    • Pitch: vertical position of the initial view in degrees
    • Fov: field of view of the initial view in degrees
    • Min: minimal field of view while navigation
    • Max: maximal field of view while navigation


  • Link:
    • Panorama: the hotspot will enable to load selected panorama
    • Url: the hotspot will enable to load wrote link
    • Splash: enables to display the url in an embedded window. The url must written in html format with very minimalist code. Understanding code can be found at this page :


  • Display:
    • Color: color used to display the polygonal hotspot.
    • Object: graphical object (PNG, JPG, GIF, SWF) displayed at punctual hotspot position.
    • Tooltip: displayed text when mouse is over the polygon.