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Autopano - Preferences... - Panorama

Warning Changes to the Preference settings in the panorama will be applied by default to the entire new image group created.

These properties are applied to the panorama just after the assembly phase.
If you make a mistake, you can use the "Reset default values" button.

Panorama tab

Projection and crop

  • Default projection: Lets select the default type of projection by either selecting the automatic option or to force one of the projection available.
    • Automatic: Automatically chooses the most suitable projection based on the panorama’s FOV.
    • Other projections: Lets force the projection selected there.

  • Default crop: Lets you select the default crop of the panorama.
    • Clamp to panorama content: The panorama will have a size that corresponds to the span of the area where the pixels are actually found.
    • Maximum projection range: The panorama will have a size that corresponds to the projection range. For example, this option is useful to generate 360°x180° as well as partial panoramas that do not cover the whole span.

Color correction

Lets you choose the default type of color correction when the auto color correction option is activated.

  • Color correction by layer: This limits the color correction to each group of images within the panorama.
  • Default correction:
    • Gamma (default): Corrects the gamma.
    • Exposure: Corrects the exposure to minimize large differences in exposure.
    • Color tone: Corrects the tones.
    • Vignetting: Corrects the vignetting visible with most of the lenses.
    • Gradient: Corrects the gradient. It's pretty like the vignetting but differences from darker to lighter areas are more pronounced.

Layers editor

  • Default regroup: This lets you chose how to group the images in the Layers editor of the panorama editor. You can rearrange them later if needed.

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