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Autopano - Main Window - Panoramas Window - 370

     This documentation is for version 3.7.     

The panorama window groups all detected panoramas starting from the group of images.
It includes a preview of the panorama and related technical specifications.
It is also possible to edit or render the panorama.
The bottom of the panorama window contains functions that are relative to all common panoramas.

Panorama window

Panorama interface

The panorama interface shows the panorama and assembly information, and allows you to access the panorama editor.



The toolbar provides access to the functions that apply to the current panorama.

IPanorama editor icon Panorama editor

Open the panorama editor in order to work on the current panorama.
This lets you make corrections on the shape, color or lets you crop your panorama, etc.
For more information, consult the page dedicated to the Panorama editor.

Render icon Rendering the panorama

This button opens the Rendering launcher window in order to export your panorama.
From here, choose the output parameters of your panorama.
For more information, consult the Render page.

Save the project icon Save the project

The panorama project files have a “.pano” extension. Access to the following choices is given by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the icon:

  • Save
Save the project to the same location as the last backup.
If this is the first time it is saved, Autopano executes “Save as…”.
  • Save as...
Open a file browser so that you can indicate where to save the project.
  • Save as extended...
This is the same as “Save as...". Autopano also creates a file with the same name as the project and places all the images needed to create the project in this file.
This is useful if you want to transfer the completed project to a third support (USB key, hard disk, CD, etc.) so that it can be opened on another machine.
  • Save as template...
Autopano saves the links used to create the panorama within a template. This can then be used to create new panoramas with the same configurations.
To re-use a model, you need to specify it in the Group settings (Detection tab) before launching the panorama’s detection.
  • Export to Panotools...
Open a file browser so that you can indicate where to save the project.
This button lets you to export your project in a format that can be read by the Panotools.


Shows a preview of the panorama in its current state.
All changes applied to the panorama will be immediately shown in the preview.

Panorama information

This frame shows you the panorama’s technical information.

Number of images Number of images making up the panorama.

Panorama size Panorama size expressed in pixels (width x height).

FOV Panorama's field of view expressed in degrees (horizontal x vertical).

Average RMS quality Average RMS quality factors of each of the panorama’s links.

Lens type Lens type used.

Projection mode Projection mode used.

Color correction Type of color correction used.

All panoramas

All panorama's toolbar

The toolbar in the panorama window groups the functions applied to all current panoramas.

Rendering all panoramas icon Rendering all panoramas

Opens a Render window for each of the current panoramas.
If you want to skip viewing through all the render windows for each panorama, you can press Ctrl + Render all button on Windows, or Cmd + Render all on Mac.

Save all panoramas icon Save all panoramas

This proposes the same options as the “save the project” button but it is consecutively applied to all opened panoramas.

Close all panoramas icon Close all panoramas

This button closes all current panoramas.

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